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Emotional Maturity

There is a saying which implies that women are always right. However, women are humans too, so we are bound to make mistakes, since no one is perfect. With the ability to make mistakes, humans do have the ability to own up to it, but it’s just that some people have way too much pride to want to admit that they have done or said something wrong. There is nothing wrong with having pride upon one’s self, but it is a bad thing if that pride gets in the way of doing the right thing.

People who are able to admit and own up to their mistakes have emotional maturity, as people who are emotionally mature are able to control and manage their emotions well and are able to compose themselves to do the right thing the right way. People who are emotionally mature are definitely able to own up to their mistakes and will not get upset when told about their mistakes.

Some people’s inability to admit their mistakes are what usually causes problems within a relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a professional work relationship, as emotionally immature people tend to think that swallowing their pride and admitting to their mistakes is a form of giving up, when in reality it’s a form of growing up. And that usually causes emotionally immature people to always want to give in to their childish ways of not wanting to admit, own up and grow from their mistakes. People who are unable to admit and own up to their mistakes are usually hard to grow and improve, since they aren’t fond of being told that they’re wrong. Most of the times, mistakes are what helps people to grow and improve themselves for the better.

In living amongst others, the ability to control and manage our own emotions is crucial, especially in this day and age, where everything is constantly being developed, improved and advanced to be better, which technically requires each and every single one of us to also have to constantly develop and improve for the better. And making mistakes does exactly that, as admitting and owning up to a mistake makes us aware of the mistake and what went wrong that caused it to happen, which can help prevent ourselves from doing the same mistake over again in the future. And a person who keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again cannot improve as they tend to get stuck in a constant loop of repetition.

In order to be able to have emotional maturity, one must be able to think positively of everything. Because a positive person tends to view mistakes and owning up to it differently than a negative person does. A positive person would think of mistakes as something that can help them improve and owning up to it is a part of growing up, while a negative person tends to think that owning up to a mistake is a means of giving up and losing. A positive person would also be able to recover from mistakes better than a negative person, as a positive person usually has a genuine will to learn from their mistakes, while a negative person tends to do the blame game when a mistake is done.

Being able to control and manage our own emotions is a hard thing to do since emotions aren’t something that are consciously controlled, which is most likely why a lot of people are still struggling with being unable to control and manage their emotions well. Having to be able to control and manage our own emotions well would make us a much more positive and motivated person, which are the things needed to be able to keep on improving and growing.

(c) Grace Monica, April 2018
(Intern Student from Kanaan Global School)


One thought on “Emotional Maturity

  1. Interesting article. I was raised to be perfect. Perfect attitude, perfect grade, perfect physical appearance. I was told that failure to do so was a disgrace to my family’s name. Although I was not punished for any failure I did, it was also not discussed in the family as a chance to improve oneself. Now a parent myself, I notice how I tend to apply the same method on my kids, and I have to work hard to focus that failure is OK and it can be a chance for improvement.

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