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Strategies To Help Solving The Lack of Confidence

Men and women are initially created as equals. But are given separate tasks and responsibilities. While men are told to provide for the family, women are told to look after and care for the family. The differences in the tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to both men and women by society are what makes men and women different when it comes to skills they possess, but actually equal in capability as women are able to do what men do and men are able to do what women do.

With that being said, both men and women have the same capabilities when it comes to becoming leaders. But it seems that men are the majority in the leadership world. One of the reasons might be that women aren’t given the same opportunity and chance as men, as some people in the society still uses the old thinking way of men being above women. The other reason might also be that women tend to skip on the opportunity of becoming a leader, despite having the same capability as men in becoming leaders.

Being a good leader requires the ability to make good decision, look after others, be creative and innovative, communicate well and etc. Though it may not seem easy for most people, it is important to know that everyone has the same capability to become leaders, it’s just about who’s willing to learn to become a good leader.It is common for people, mostly women, to pass up on the opportunity of becoming a leader due to the lack of confidence. And here are some strategies to help the build-up confidence for both men and women.

The first strategy is to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses and to understand that is to know one’s self. There are a lot of way to know one’s self, one of the easiest and most popular way is to do tests that determines one’s self, like a personality test. A personality test can be taken in institutes that are certified in carrying out those personality tests and can also be taken online. However, the results to a personality test might not be very accurate. The other method to understand one’s self is through the Colored Brain Communication Inventory. This method analyzes the different type of brains that responds and communicates differently to people. Knowing how one’s self communicate can help in further understanding and improving on how to communicate to others, which can eventually help in improving self confidence in communicating with others.

The second strategy is to figure out one’s motivation on becoming a leader. Motivations helpone’s self in improving themselves in order to achieve their personal goal. In understanding one’s goals, you’d be in a much more motivated state to achieve the personal goal and the goal of not just becoming a leader but a good leader for yourself and for others.

The third strategy is to stop putting blames upon self and others. Most people tend to blame on one another when something goes wrong. And sometimes they even go to great lengths to try to prove that they aren’t the one to blame. This is just a waste of time. Instead of looking for someone or something to blame, learn to fix and grow from the mistake to avoid making the same mistake again in the future.
Everyone has the capability to become a leader, but people have to learn first on how to be confident before being fully capable of being a good leader to one’s self and to others.

(c) Grace Monica, April 2018
(Intern Student from Kanaan Global School)


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